Al-Hofra sea restaurants

1 – Seabrass on display in Al-Hofra, fish restaurant area, famous among both locals and expats for its fresh treats.
2 – Enjoying short break outside the dining area.
3 – Particulary fine catch of bluefin tune, proudly displayed by server.
4 – Choice is difficult. Customers looking for fish that will be either brought home or eaten at one of Al-Hofra premises.
18 – Calm terrace overlooking the sea
WEDDING at Algierian Mosque

5 – Milk mixed with almonds is distributed by groom’s brother during wedding ceremony in Tripoli’s famous Algerian Mosque.
6 – A friend’s wedding – happy and intensely celebrated day for groom, family and friends.
7 – Wedding guests being splashed with water mixed with rose oil. Biggest share reserved for the groom.
8 – Old italian builidng, next to Algerian mosque. Reminescing of more northern architecture.
MEDINA (Haara)

9 – Composition of arch, minaret and walls of Souqq El-Harir: silk market.
10 – Tripoli’s old quarter (Medina or Haara) calm on early friday afternoon. Normally busy with jewellery business, hosts only few people.
11 – Quiet streets of Medina after friday’s main prayer. Time reserved for families and relax.
12 – Gates of Dhargut mosque. A tomb of Dhargut corsair of turkish descent inside.
14 – Gathering for the prayer.
15 – Two friends holding hands in Haara.
16 – Woman investigating goods on offer.
17 – Young friends diverted from training football skills in Haara’s narrow streets. Avid fans of italian Serie A.