By:Hana Raoof

Since 1920 Kurds are suffering from the serial of governments in Iraq, aggrements has been signed between Iraq, Turkey and Iran in 1937 (Saadi Abad Agreement), in 1955 with Turkey and Iran, in 1972 with Russia, in 1975 with Algeria, the last one was a fatal agreement for Kurdish of Iraq.

Nowadays Iraqi governemt is in a hard discussion with USA on one side and with all groups in Iraq to sign an agreement for long term military state in Iraq, USA has many experience in signing such agreements it calls “ Status of Forces Agreement-SOFA” with Nato members, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arabic Emirates, in a close future with Iraq also.


The most important issues for Kurdish are stated bellow:

1-From what we know, the agreement did not mention about Kurdish states in Iraq, no guarantee given for the future if a dictator leader comes on power in Baghdad as the history tell us.
2-Name of Iraq mentioned as “Republic of Iraq”, and they did not mention Federalism system which has been written in the constitution.
3-It is stated that “USA will help Iraqi forces to attack Al Qaida and other groups out of law; here Kurds should symphasize what does “groups out of law” means for the future purposes.

Other issues are still under discusstion, we hope us Kurdish that the history will not be repeated this time and KRG will be capable more to improve its implementation for the people in the north.