16/3/1988 at 11:00 am, Saddam’s air force started to attack The most beautiful city in Northern Kurdystan-Halabja by Chemical weapons with in 30 they killed more than 5000 civil people from children, women, old people. We can not forget 16-3 every year, Kurdish all over the world are standing and respecting the anniversary of this murder action by Saddam and his co-workers.
We are asking the international community to face question to those European companies who supported Iraqi government by the weapons at that time.


Newroz the Kurdish new year of 2708
Nn 21-3 every year, Kurdish are celebrating for the new year in the forth pat of Kurdistan, the celebration will start from the late evening of 20-3, the symbol of Newroz is the fire, as a source of power and energy.
During this celebrations most of the people are going for picnics and you can easily see the unity of Kurdish flag among the people.
In Poland every year the celebration are taking place in Krakow and other cities, authorities, diplomatic, teaching sector in university are attending in the even.

He is a Phd student in the department of Neurobiochemistry, faculty of chemistry-UJ, originally he is from the North part of Kurdistan, Erbil city, he started studding in Poland since February 2004, Polish language and Master in Chemistry sciences. He is interested in the political discussions, sports, traveling (2008 year).