Of what is called: Roadmap!

How long has been the timetable of Peace Process in existence? The so-called roadmap, drawn up the USA, Russia, the European Union and the UN. If this document had been remained, then the Middle East conflict would have been over since 2005, the Palestinian terrains would now be under Palestinian control, the status of Jerusalem would have been defined, and the problem of Palestinian refugees would have been solved once and for all.

The conference in Annapolis represented the chance to start new. But Israel and the Palestinians didn’t even agree what should be on the agenda. The Palestinians demanded clearly to define timetable with absolute deadlines. Israel was only prepared to discuss general principles and rejected any attempt to put out time limits.

More meetings are planned in Paris and Moscow. But are these will head en route for a major advance toward peace, or a dangerous smokescreen?

Mais Masadeh