Are kidnappers seeking for the ransom or they want to keep on the headlines?

Since kidnapping problems appeared, apparently countries who don’t pay has less people who are being kidnapped, for example France, Italy and Germany showed ability to negotiate ,however Israel and United Kingdom have limiting cooperation with kidnappers.

What kind of message does this convey when Talban hostages are being exchanged with Italian hostages? Is it possible that it will only encourage kidnappers to continue what they do?

Hostages tell the press after being released, that their chance of being alive increased if kidnappers had access to someone who is likely to pay for their freedom, strategies of kidnappers is to keep the hostage alive and maintain good health and if he died as the German one recently their negotiation wont lead anywhere. But should the government distinguish between kidnappers? There are two kinds of kidnappers, criminals who only seek for killing and they always ask for money, in similar cases governments negotiate. The other kind who has political demands, who is trying to change governments, release prisoners, removing troops or make a political twist, here, governments are less likely to negotiate. What can we do to make prey hostages be avoided? There might be cooperation between Europe to put solid policies for kidnapping, ironically kidnappers will read carefully the terms and conditions of kidnapping a European before proceeding.

Mais Masadeh